Yacht Building

Over 30 years of yacht manufacturing experience, and we have cultivated a group of experienced staff to carry on manufacturing business. Now you also can trace progress of boat building 7 x 24 via our tracking system.

Naval Desgin

Besides 30 year boat building experience, we also have engineering and design ability which can offer noval architecture, interior, and electric design for our clients. All design is based on modern mamagement which has been proven by ISO and CCS certification. These abilities help us design customized boats based on every unique requirement, and also ensure all boats are safe, comfortable and proper building cost.


We are the professional total solution provider for entire yacht building business from original design to finished product manufacture. Our requirement analysis system can help to realize your dream.

We present you the cruising life

100% Responsive

Exclusive customer service team, ensuring every question gets response within 72 hours; 100% life-long maintenance and support for your yacht.

Listening to your needs

Record every need and requirement of yours systematically; guarantee each request will be entirely and precisely implemented through an exclusive SOP program, make your ideal yacht coming true.

Classic & Modern

Traditional exquisite craftsmanship and superb quality.Younger generation of designers and engineers offer advanced technology and new ideas; the combination of classic and modern will give you a brand new experience.

Highly Customized

We are the solution provider for unique and exclusive yacht design for you. Not like any mass production, you have a right to modify molds and design draft following your own ideas.

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